Published excerpts from the finished manuscript Out in the World: Notes to a Daughter:



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Notes to a Daughter on Living in This World

BRAIN TEEN, The Magazine for Thinking Parents.

If You Should Want Flowers  for Your Table, Advice to a Daughter

YOU. An Anthology of Essays Devoted to the Second Person. Welcome Table Press

The Door

The Kenyon Review Online

Advice on Arbor Day

Fourth Genre


BRAIN CHILD, The Magazine for Thinking Mothers

This is a tale told from the stands.

Dressing Room

Cleveland Magazine

Confessions about clothes.

Church Shopping

Cleveland Magazine

Half of me wanted a church full of people who swayed to soulful music, arms raised in praise. The other half wanted a church where I could sit unnoticed in the last pew.

Clocking In

Cleveland Magazine

My teen-aged daughter would be appalled to know that my fondest wish for her this summer is that she lands some unforgettably horrible job.

Auld Lang Syne

Cleveland Magazine

Sometimes the cascade of  events  that shapes our lives seems unnervingly random.

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And I am the Baseball

Literary Mama

Once I asked him, after a game, “What’s it feel like, to smack that ball?”

Thumb Talk

Cleveland Magazine

A technophobe falls in love with texting.

Racing Forward

Cleveland Magazine

It’s only now that I truly grasp  what Title IX gave young women.

Beautiful Things

Cleveland Magazine

What to keep.

Service Calling

Cleveland Magazine

When I first volunteered with the poor, I suffered under a common form of romanticism, expecting to swoop in like a benevolent, rescuing angel.

Open House

Cleveland Magazine

 I am a house voyeur.

Swim Lessons

Cleveland Magazine

A few laps in the pool provides a wave of insights.